4 Pohon Eco Lodge – Golo Lijun – Elar – East Manggarai – Flores


Flores is a flourishing destination for tourists who seek a largely untouched place not yet discovered by mass tourism. Opportunities to have a comfortable stay in unique accommodations are increasing on the island. One of those accommodations is 4 Pohon, located in the northwest center of Flores. This is a truly remote place, far away from big cities and Indomarets. But 4 Pohon will make your stay very special and give you the opportunity to explore the island which has a lot to offer. Entering the 4 Pohon compound, you will encounter four great tamarind trees after which the lodge is named, as well as green fields with fruit trees and colourful wooden houses, surrounded by hills. The village-like compound is located in the middle of a preserved natural area, inviting you to take adventurous hikes or other tours.

4 Pohon has many features that make this place truly an eco-destination. First, it is a very remote place in the middle of unharmed, preserved nature. In any direction you go you will find green landscapes, and it is located nearby a river. Second, the lodges are entirely made of wood, with local handmade and Javanese teak furniture. Solar power is used for electricity and water from the river is distributed to the houses. Besides, 4 Pohon makes use of a carbon filter and UV filter to clean the water.

Flores’ varied landscape gives you varied choices for activities, such as diving, snorkeling, volcano hiking or kayaking in the river. Besides, Flores has a rich culture and many traditional villages who still practice ancestral beliefs, mixed with Catholicism. Because of this you will encounter churches and animist statues side by side, and you can attend a religious procession or traditional dance.

The area around 4 Pohon has plenty of hidden gems for you to explore, either by car, motorcycle, boat or by foot. Riung, which is worth a visit, is about 25 km away from 4 Pohon and its coast forms a national conservation area called Pulau Tujuhbelas, or ‘Seventeen Islands’. Apart from the beautiful coral reefs, you can spot exotic species here, like monkeys, marsupials and the Timor monitor lizard. Also not far from 4 Pohon, in Pota, is a unique, centuries-old lake called Danau Rana Tonjong, which is the second largest lotus lake in the world.

How to get there?
There are different ways to get to Flores. However, there are no direct flights from Jakarta to Flores. You can fly from Denpasar (Bali) to the west coast harbor of Labuanbajo with Garuda, Trans Nusa and Wings Air. To Ende, on the south coast, you can take Pelita, Trans Nusa and Wings Air. 4 Pohon offers a transfer service from these places to the lodges:
From Ende to 4 Pohon: Rp. 1,500,000 (150 km)
From Labuanbajo to 4 Pohon: Rp. 2,200,000 (260 km)

The price for a bungalow for two people  is Rp. 400,000, breakfast included.

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