Cunca Rami Waterfall : West Flores Waterfall in Mbeliling Forest of Manggarai

A nice day trip is the scenic drive from Labuan Bajo to Werang, which takes you north through West Flores’s countryside. You can rent a car or motorbike or hire a car, while alternatively you could use the local bus, but beware there is no fixed schedule and it needs some flexibility and language skills.

Some 35km from Labuan Bajo you will come to the crossroad to Werang, where you turn right. Only the first half of the road is paved, the second half of the extremely scenic road might be rough . Nevertheless once you arrive at Werang and you start your hike through local villages and agricultural communities you will feel that it was well worth the journey.

If you have a local guide it will be easy for you to get into conversation with the local villagers and farmers along the trail. The trail leads you through various villages and later it stretches out to open farmlands, water buffalos, pigs and goats herding freely in the fields.

You can also observe the various stages of rice cultivation throughout the trail and the traditional drying methods. Also keep out an eye for banana, cacao, vanilla and avocado plantations, as in this area everything grows and prospers.

Traditionally the farming huts and village housing are made from Bamboo, a very durable and renewable material also used in many other communities around Indonesia.

Once the trail brings you alongside the river you will soon reach the waterfall and on its basin a deep natural swimming pool, so make sure you have your swimsuit and towel handy to enjoy a cooling down swim. It is very popular also among the local children, so it provides ample opportunity for conversations and interaction.

The hike to and from the waterfall will take you 1.5 hours and there are some small stores along the road in Werang offering water and snacks so you can resupply yourself before you start.

Werang and the surrounding of Cunca Rami Waterfall provide little infrastructure for tourists, so there are no restaurants or hotel in this remote area largely untouched by modernity.

If you are interested to combine Cunca Rami with the Sano Nggoang Carter Lake or a trek to Mt Mbelliling it is recommendable that you plan a two day journey. In this case overnight stays are offered as comfortable home stay by the St. Klaus School in Teongtoda or more informal with the local priest in the village of Nunang near the crater lake.

Cunca Rami is one of new west Flores tourist destination that was concept special for eco tourism activities is supported by natural resource on this region. The area has many interesting to do activities with trek or hiking to reach. Our team has explored this region beginning of July 2010.

Our clients from England, it’s was started from east part of Flores Island through Ruteng town we drive 3 hours to get Werang district as a starting point to do trek and hiking. Arrive at Werang village we stop our car at starting place then we begin with preparing our things that should be on the way on the one hour trek. On the way we passed candle nut plants, forest, singing birds, and voice of nature. Arrive at Cunca Rami we tried to take swim and relax on cool weather with fresh water.

We took pictures with background 300 meters high waterfall hanging from top of rock walls. Our clients said that, this is wonderful and mysterious nature to explore with still pure environments. Keep this as conservation to protect the nature for next generation they said.

After exploring we went back by walking through the rock, river and forest to the starting point. Normally this tour we offer with stay in jungle by tents with local community but the time not permitted us due to our client has to go with limit time. On arrival at starting point we drove to Labuan Bajo west part of Flores as our last destination.

We recommend:
Take a two-day trip including both the crater lake (Sano Nggoang) and the waterfall (Cunca Rami). Attempting to fit both of these natural attractions into a single day is not recommended. While no accommodation is available in Werang, informal overnight stays – courteously offered by the local Catholic priest – are possible in the village of Nunang, next to the crater lake.


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