Liwur Legur Waterfall in Hale Village of Sikka East of Flores Island Indonesia

Liwu Legur, an impressive waterfall located in a forest near Hale Village, is a perfect spot for young-spirited, active travelers in search of thrilling challenges. The hike to the waterfall through amazing scenery as well as the option of rock climbing make Liwu Legur the perfect combination for enjoying nature and getting your adventure kicks.  Hanging onto ropes; holding onto roots while climbing the rocks; walking up and down the hills and big-sized stones; and getting wet in the river is part of the Liwu Legur experience. Thus a minimum of physical readiness is a prerequisite for these activities.

As you may want to start the two-hour hike from Hale Village early in the morning, it is best to stay there overnight and enjoy some relaxing hours of sleep in a villager’s home.

The hike starts with a walk down the village path past the farms. At the end of the walkable path, where you can already get a glimpse of the beautiful waterfall, you will have to climb down a rock face with a rope which you should already have prepared for the trip. This challenge is worth taking on because of the stunning view of distant Liwu Legur, charmingly nestled in nature, is waiting for you. Even from here, you can already feel its majestic, magnetic energy.

After one hour of walking past savannah landscapes and descending into the forest,  you will come across a river filled with big rocks and freshwater shrimps swimming through the clear, cool water. Following the river, you will finally arrive at the base of Liwu Legur Waterfall. After the arduous walking, climbing and rock hopping, it feels like heaven to jump into one of the pools. With Liwu Legur in the backdrop and a vivid flora and fauna surrounding you, a picnic lunch can hardly get any better.

You may choose to relax a little longer in the freshness of the water, or proceed to the next challenge of rock climbing. This done, the return trip to Hale is even more exciting if you choose a different route.

As the area is still little visited, you had better bring along your own supply of food and water, personal first aid kit, raincoat, flashlight, and light, easy-to-dry clothes for the hike.  A local guide will be indispensable for finding your way to the waterfall and back. Climbing equipment should be brought along to master the terrain. In Hale Village you can boost your energy levels with the dishes of a small warung before you start the hike. If you need more information about hiking around Liwu Legur, please contact Bapak Chen on +62 82145288010 or  Bapak Chen is also the right person to contact, if you would like to stay overnight in Hale.

How to get there
The journey from Maumere to Hale Village is very pleasant. As there are a number of beautiful places worth stopping, it is recommended to leave Maumere early in the morning. Watu Cruz Beach near Ipir Village, or Doreng Beach near Doreng village, are some of the spots that you should not miss. While Watu Cruz impresses with a black-sand beach, Doreng Beach glows with its bright sand. Both are very relaxing and inviting for a refreshing swim.

Hale Village, the starting point for the hike to Liwu Legur, is located about 57km from Maumere. It takes approximately four hours for experienced drivers by motorbike. The country road is generally in good condition, but the part between Ili to Wolokoli Village needs serious improvement. Please ride slowly and carefully on these winding and often steep roads, especially during or after rainfalls.


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