Mbalata Beach Cottage Inn – Aimere – Central Flores – Indonesia

Bored of the regular serviced-hotels? Thinking of staying in the countryside of Flores where the room is in the middle of a farm and the meals are freshly prepared from the garden surrounding you? Then you should stay at Mbalata Cottage Beach Inn, located on the Trans Flores route between Ruteng and Bajawa. Situated approximately 45kms from the capital city of Borong, Mbalata Cottage Beach Inn can easily be reached from Bajawa and is about an hour from Aimere which lies on the border between Ngada and East Manggarai

Mbalata beach and hotel located in Waelengga East of Manggarai regency in west part of Flores Island Indonesia, not so far from Aimere takes about five hours drive from Labuan Bajo, and just about one hour drive from Bajawa.

Tourist who likes to enjoy the beautiful Eco hotel in the nature and sense of community life in remote villages and traditional villages in Flores Island; this is a suitable place for them. The tourists may choose, if you want to stay relax in the hotel with rooms which resemble the houses of traditional stage and experience the local food there, or fishing with the fishermen at the sea, or directly to see how the daily lives and the lives of local residents in the township, or in cottage in the midst of their fields while enjoying the natural landscape and nice views of rice fields that stretched in front of Inerie volcano in Bajawa.

General Information:
Mbalata beach is the nearest location to get the primitive villages located in slopes of Inerie mountain, which, unlike other traditional village visited by many tourists and it has been created for tourists. It’s easy to reach the primitive villages from Mbalata beach by tracking in eastern part of Manggarai in Flores Island in Indonesia.

Though East Manggarai may be only little known for its tourism activities, the well managed eco friendly lodging, may well be enlisted as one of the district’s frontier tourism attractions itself. Situated on a quite remote area of Mbalata Beach, Watunggene Village, Kotakomba Sub-District, it is very easy to get to the Inn by car or motor bike. On Trans Flores road going to the east, to the direction of Borong about one hour drive, close to Aimere, you will see the sign board of Mbalata Cottages Beach Inn, from which you will need to walk for about 100m to get to the gate of Mbalata Cottages Beach Inn. From there, another 300m drive on rock-covered path will take you directly to the cottage.

Set amidst greenish rice fields by the beach, panoramic views of farmers planting corn and water buffalos plowing the land welcome you the moment you enter the Inn’s garden. Mbalata Cottages Beach Inn offers a unique experience of authentic Flores countryside living on a plot boasting a beautiful landscape view of the old-wise 2245 m height Inerie Volcano in the East and Mount Ndeki on its West.

Traditional Florinese farm living is part of the staying experience seeing old men climbing up sugar palm sap to get nira, the palm sugar traditional Florinese liquor, moke, in a small hut near the cottage are one among the many fascinating things to experience here.

You can even join the farmers in the fun of corn planting or harvesting season. The beach of Mbalata also offers a leisure trekking trip exploring the grey sand along the wide coast to the grazing land of Nangarawa hill from which you can view the sea and the farmland from a distance.

Built in 2007 and inaugurated by the Regent in September 2009, Mbalata Cottages Beach Inn offers five wooden traditional stilt houses completed with mosquito netted double bed and western toilets. Tranquility is part of the service. Reading a good book or just sipping hot Flores coffee are among the joys guest can enjoy while sitting in comfortable bamboo chairs on the verandah.

Those are not the only joyful parts of staying at Mbalata Cottages Beach Inn. Guests are treated as family. This makes them feel so welcomed so some decide to stay for a long time. No need to worry about the food either because veggies, especially mushrooms freshly picked from the nearby forest, and seafood are available from the local farmers. Grilled seafood is the most preferred choice from the menu served here.

Initiated by the Inn’s management, with its eco-friendly concept, Mbalata Beach Cottage Inn also cares for the environment through its beach cleaning project where the team from the Inn is working together every week with local primary school children to collect trashes from the beach in return for school books.

Mbalata Beach is in Kotakomba sub-district in East Manggarai, about 42km east of Borong, nicely framed by Mount Inerie to the east and by soft, hilly landscapes to the west. This spot is popular among locals as well as foreign visitors. You can go for an easy hike along the wide, grey-sand coast to the grazing land of Nangarawa Hill where you will be able to catch a beautiful view over the sea and the surrounding farmland.

If you like to do a little more in Manggarai Timur than just passing through in a rush, do not miss the opportunity to spend the night in unconventional, locally owned accommodation of which the beach is just one of the many special highlights.

Mbalata beach is one of remote area in Flores Island Indonesia where we only find nature and people are living with peaceful, pleased find with Komodo Park team for your next visiting to Flores Indonesia. On the way of our tours we always find new destination area with extra program by walking or trekking beyond our Flores highlight tours and trip.

At Mbalata Inn Beach Cottages, you are offered a unique experience of Florenese rural lifestyle. See how the farmers work the beautiful rice fields that surround you, supported by water buffaloes slowly trailing the ploughs behind them; or learn how the old local men get the palm sap from the aren palm to produce moke – the traditional Manggaraian liquor – in small huts near the cottage.

The management, committed to eco-friendliness, is truly implementing its concept: Every week, the inn’s team works together with primary school kids to clean up the beach. The children get school books in return. The vegetables for the inn’s own restaurant are freshly picked, and seafood is bought from the local fishermen.

The Mbalata Inn is located directly on the beach. It is equipped with its own restaurant.

How to get there
The beach and the cottages are situated close to the Transflores ‘highway’ between Ruteng and Bajawa. If you come from Bajawa, respectively Aimere, you will cross the bridge over the Wae Lengga River. After that bridge, look out for the sign to Mbalata Cottage Beach Inn on your left.

From Borong, it will take almost an hour to get there (about 20km). From this turn, also note that a white concrete gate serves as an entrance way. The gate reads you ‘Welcome to Mbalata Beach’, and leads you directly to a 300-meter-long stone paved road to the beach.
Mbalata Cottages Beach Inn
Object location: S08° 50.389’ E120° 48.121’

Room Rates :
Standard Bungalows    : Rp. 350.000/night/single or double
Deluxe Bungalows    : Rp. 450.000/night/single or double

All rates including breakfast and taxes

High and peak season surcharge Rp. 100.000/night/room apply from July 01-September 15 and Dec 01-January 15



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