Mbuliwaralau Beach of Ende Distric in Central South of Flores Island

Mbuliwaralau Beach stretches along the south coast of the Ende district, close to the fishing village with the same name. The beautiful panorama of pandanus, coconut trees, and big pebbles gives this beach a special charm. If you take the route from Wolowaru to Mubliwaralau, you will pass beautiful rice fields, and also a small and charming monkey forest.

The area around the beach is inhabited by fishermen who are Buginese by descent. Sometimes, the friendly local people offer their delicious young fresh coconuts to visitors. If watching the spectacle of the waves hitting the shore is not enough, you may enjoy having a swim at the beach. Be careful though, because the waves can get pretty rough and currents can be strong.

As Mbuliwaralau is still quite untouched, you won’t find accommodation, shops, or restaurants there. But Wolowaru, which is close, offers some warung and small shops.

How to get there
Since there is no public transport to Mbuliwaralau, you should take a private transport to get there. From Mbuliwaralau, it takes about 13km to reach Wolowaru.

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