Mount Ebulobo Mountain Trekking in Central Flores Indonesia

Stunning views and a perfect shape make Gunung Ebulobo (Mt. Ebulobo) in Nagekeo district one of the most memorable and picturesque volcanoes in Indonesia.

Visitors are recommended to arrange this trip from from Flores Explore staff so you can organize a trekking guide, so that you can see the sunrise from the summit.

The trail starts in Molakoli, a small traditional village. The path follows agricultural fields and allows your body to prepare for the ensuing very steep climb to the top. On Gunung Ebulobo everything seems to happen abruptly. After less than 30 minutes of easy hiking, at 1034 m the mountain trail suddenly gets very steep. You are still surrounded by forest here, and the rarely used path offers plenty of solid grip. Most of this section of the trail is covered with pine needles. The trek to the top usually takes between 2 to 4 hours.

Once at the top, the views are breathtaking. The colors of the sunrise are intense and the panoramic views are amazing, with mountain ranges on one side, the ocean to the south, and the perfectly shaped cone of Gunung Inerie to the east. The final section with volcanic rocks might be slippery so, some extra care is needed. Once you reach the summit you can circle the crater, which takes about 20 minutes. But as abruptly as the landscape changes on Ebulobo, so does the weather. It can happen that one minute you enjoy a magnificent sunrise, next minute you are surrounded by thick fog, which will clear again without a trace some time later.

Article by Meret Signer

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