Mount Egon Active Volcano on the east of Flores Island Indonesia

When talking about East Flores, Kelimutu National Park with its tri-colored crater lakes is definitely the first thing to cross one’s mind. Beyond Kelimutu, there are actually more than twelve volcanoes throughout Flores that are suitable for trekking. Mount Egon is one of them: sitting astride the narrow waist of East Flores, its summit reveals a crater 350m wide and 200m deep.

Depending on the season, there is also a lake in the crater. Other small crater lakes can be found on the flanks of Mount Egon. Its 1671m high summit is formed by a lava dome from which billow puffs of smoke emerge.

The hike to the summit takes 3–4 hours, and is well worth the effort considering the absolutely amazing views from the crater rim into the volcano and over the island. Starting out through dry grasslands, you will soon hike through savannah scrubs interspersed with eucalyptus trees. After about two hours you will get a first glimpse of wide-open landscapes. Another hour of hiking brings you to the summit, where you can walk around the rim or even go down towards the seasonally dried out crater lake.

It is recommended to organize the tour with a local operator from Maumere or one of the professional guides. If you are based in Maumere while trekking to Mount Egon, you have a lot of options in terms of accommodation and restaurants.

How to get there
From Maumere, take the main road east to Larantuka. After about 16km, you will reach Waigete. From here, drive about five kilometers until you will reach Blidit Village, which is a good starting point for the hike to Mount Egon. Choosing private transport is the best way to get to Blidit Village.


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