Murusobe Twin Waterfalls in Sikka Regency East of Flores Indonesia

Cascading in freefall from about 100 meters, the Murusobe Twin Waterfalls will cause splashing in the surrounding water ponds. Murusobe in the local Lio dialect translates as ‘straight plunge’, with muru meaning ‘plunge’ and sobe meaning ‘straight like a bamboo pole’. Whichever route you take, these impressive twin water falls are worth some beads of perspiration. Depending on your time, delight and physical condition, you can choose between three hiking trips from Maumere to Murusobe.

By taking the route toward Ende from Maumere, you will reach an area called Lekebai, where you can find a long bridge as a landmark. Drive straight ahead for 10 meters and turn right. Ahead is the three-road intersection, where you can choose between two routes that bring you to Murusobe. This intersection is 36km from Maumere.

If you prefer the shorter route, take the right turn at the intersection and follow the road to Feondari. If you have plenty of time for hiking, just stay on the main road at the intersection and drive straight ahead towards Wolofeo.

Going via Feondari your car/motorbike journey will end at Wolonira Village (a total of 56km from Maumere). Find a secure parking place at one of the local villager’s houses (see more recommendations below) as you will travel on foot from here for a one-hour hike to reach Detukato Village. From there, continue hiking for about an hour, following the winding path of the river, steadying your balance while leaping from one big river rock to the next, carefully crossing bamboo bridges, to finally reach Murusobe.

Choosing the Wolofeo route, your car/motorbike journey will end at Loke Village. Always lock your vehicle and leave it next to one of the local resident’s houses. Tell them who you are and where you are heading to, making friends with the local villagers before heading into the woods, just to be on the safe side. A two-hour walk from Loke will take you to Poma Village. If you feel tired after all the hiking, revitalize yourself in this village, where the people will eagerly serve you coffee and a snack for a small contribution. The neat village is in the midst of rain-fed rice fields and lush clusters of coffee, cocoa, and candlenut trees. From Poma Village you will reach Murusobe after another 30-minute trek.

The third option of trekking to the impressive twin waterfalls is only for those who you like long hiking. After having enjoyed a local breakfast with your host family in Deturia, you can start on the four-hour hike. Then take a break and relax a bit in Poma Village before you hike the last 30 minutes to Murusobe.

Depending on the condition of the road, your driver might be able to pick you up in Poma. If not, ask for an ojek to take you to the closest place your driver can reach to take you back to Maumere.

As the area around the twin waterfalls is virtually untouched, there are no facilities available. Make sure you bring your own water and food supply for this trip. We recommend venturing to this area with local guides.


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