Ndona Hand Weaving Traditional Village of Ende in Flores Indonesia

If you are fond of Lionese ikat weaving, you must visit the women of Bou Sama Sama, an ikat weaving cooperative in Ndona. Bou Sama Sama was founded in 2004. At present, 17 weavers headed by Ibu Maria Angelina – a school-teacher and weaver – participate in this working group to produce a well-known, natural-dye ikat. The distinct reddish dye is extracted from the morinda tree in an elaborate process. The beautiful traditional cloth from Ndona is popular among ikat aficionados and is sold to collectors all over the world.

In contrast to other ikat weaving villages in the Ende district, where tourists often get beleaguered by ikat sellers, the pleasant members of Bou Sama Sama offer you a relaxed atmosphere in which to choose your favorite piece of cloth. You can either drop by spontaneously or make an arrangement with Ibu Maria Angelina.

For more information about Bou Sama Sama or to make an appointment, please contact Ibu Maria Angelina, +62 81230493067. Ndona is only 5 km away from Ende, where you can find hotels, restaurants and shops.

How to get there
Ndona is only around 5km (around 20 minutes) from Ende. It is recommended to get there by private transportation as there is no public transportation available.

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