Sao Ria Wisata Bungalows – Moni Village – Kelimutu Color Lakes – Flores Island – Indonesia



The hotel is perched on a hill with wonderful views from the veranda. You will have to enjoy this during the daytime, at 6 o’clock it is dark. The bungalow is located just 1 Km before the village of Moni.

Sao via wisata bungalows has perfect view over the verandah, great sunrise and the view of the rice terraces from the bungalows is stunning. This is the second option and best choice after Kelimutu Eco Lodge.

The rooms are in bamboo cottages, adequately furnished, they come with an attached mandi, only cold water. The ceiling is low, so it is easy to attach your mosquito net.

The accommodation to be pretty good by Flores standards, the bathroom was OK with usual plumbing irregularities but the water for the mandi was very dirty indeed.

Breakfast is served after you have returned from your early morning outing to kelimutu. The breakfast is truly delicious: freshly made pancakes topped with coconut and fruit.  It’s a short hike of maybe twenty minutes to the centre of the village.

Room Rate:
Standard Room    : Rp. 500.000/night/single or double including breakfast
Deluxe Room    : Rp. 650.000/night/single or double including breakfast

The different between standard and deluxe room is, deluxe room has hot shower and larger room, deluxe rooms has better view then the standard room.

All rooms rates is for single or double, they will add Rp. 150.00 from above prices for high and peak season

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