Sunset Cottages – Waiterang Beach – Maumere – Flores Island – Indonesia


Sunset Cottages are traditional bungalows built from bamboo, coconut wood, and grass roof 5 years ago. It is eco-friendly and will let you enjoy your holiday away from your busy time at home. At this place, you will be close to nature as the bungalows are located a quiet and calm beach where all you just can hear the birds song and sound of the wave. The snorkeling is spectacular right off the beach.

This bungalow are managed by the local friendly couple who are Hendrik and Erny. They understood well to serve with the best hospitality. This couple and all their staffs  are very helpfull, just let them know if you need the information or something else about your trip.

Many backpackers head 15 miles east of Maumere to Ahuwair and Waiterang, two relaxing beaches that are home to only three bungalow operations. The atmosphere is ridiculously chilled out; do not expect distractions such as internet access or reliable electricity. Diving and snorkeling are available. Sunset Cottages, the most popular of the bungalows.

Sunset Cottages has Cute bungalows, quiet, gorgeous seashore, English paperbacks and decent snorkeling.

The room is quite large; the bed sits in the middle covered with a mosquito net. It feels very welcoming and we wander to the beach, sit beneath coconut trees drink ginger tea and look out across the water to a couple of islands. It is so quiet and still it feels incredible.

We serve our delicious food. You will have some special menu lists in here such as our special Sunset Spice and Mama Erny Special Omelette and the special drink we offer you with our traditional alcohol drink “arak” is distilled from our own palm. “Cold bintang and soft drink…”
– Fresh fruit salad
– Locally caught fish
– Locally grown coffee
– Fresh juices.

A walk along the beach reveals moving sand. Alive with hermit crabs, it feels almost impossible to step comfortably through fear of squashing them. So many different sizes and shapes all shells seem to be able to be used!!

Great food, master chef! You have to wait awhile as everything is cut and prepared fresh and cooked without electricity, then served with a huge smile………

Snorkelling..hire a boat go across to an island…amazing snorkelling “Maumere Sea Gardens” aptly named for the soft corals it looks just like a shrub garden.

Room Rates:

We have eight unique traditional bungalows are built from bamboo, coconut woods and palms. Each bungalow has veranda to enjoy the view points of the island with nice and comfortable bed, mosquito nets, private bathroom, western and Indonesian toilet.

This room could be amazing when you wake up in the morning, great view of beach and the ocean in front of your room with a calm waves, wind blows, and the silent beach..

We use fresh and clean water from our own well for your bathing. The electricity is 220 voltages, from our own generator is turned on at 06.00 PM until 11.00 PM. But if you wish to charge your electronic devices such as mobile phone, notebook, or the same kinds of those, just ask to our staff for extending the electricity’s duration and it is free of charge.

Small Cottage    : Rp. 350.000/night
Large Cottage    : Rp. 450.000/night for max 04 people
All room rates come with breakfast and taxes

High and peak season surcharge Rp. 100.000/night/room apply from July 01-September 15 and Dec 01-January 15

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