The Eminance of Ogi Waterfall in Bajawa Central Flores Island

If you are around city of Bajawa, one of the must-go nature places to visit is the Ogi Waterfall in Faobata village. Motorbike riding would make it much more interesting and adventurous as the air’s atmosphere along the curvy road will create a stunning refreshment and also many photostop places on the way there, one of them may show you the boasting Ebulobo volcano from the distance.

It is around 7 kilometers away to the east side of Bajawa city to get here. The waterfall lies very quite near with the road, and you need to start to walk through the dirt path of ricefields and concrete lines alongside the sewer. Around another 900 meters walking from the first point to walk of the greenish rice field lead you toward the waterfall. During the day you would encounter some friendly local farmers with their planting activities, and it would be one of the pleasant feeling before the waterfall.

Soon as you close to the waterfall, more roaring sound of the abundant water discharge would be heard. A mass of water comes out from a slit of a line of a hill, then falls down massively in persistent speed, creating a gust over the air, blowing off water particles everywhere. In one full year, the water discharge has been massive and persistent debit of water, including in the beginning of the dry season. That is why the local government assembled a microhydro electricity power processor next to the waterfall to support the electricity consumption for the city. There is also an assembled iron staircase of a same height of the waterfall which is used for monitoring the water discharge, however it is strongly advisable not to climb them as it is in a quite steep degrees, rusty, and slippery condition. Just cover your lens and take a distance if you would like to take a picture of this tough waterfall.

Article & images by Annaas Firmanto

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