Waerebo Lodge – Dintor Village – Manggarai – Flores Island – Indonesia


Martinus Anggu, or Martin, a young Manggaraian who have been living in his proud homeland of Wae Rebo, came up with an idea of establishing an accomodation in the village.

The increasing number of visitors to his beloved village has called for his entrepreneurship giving him the reason to run the business as it would be an ideal to cultivate the opportunity and also different benefits from tourism.

The lodge can create income for him as well as the people who work here. Being a native Wae Rebo, he’s also committed to contribute some of the lodge’s income to the village in certain periods. Through the donations, he will hopefully help the village to be financially independent.

Located after Dintor Junction to the direction of Denge, the lodge sets on a scenic landscape surrounded by greenish paddyfields that calm the eyes with the colors of nature.

The wind blowing from the seaside is the music you can enjoy; while on the south a bluish vast ocean opens up from a distance bordering with a view of the white sandy beach of Mules island. In the north, hilly mountain with dense forest outstretches hiding the humble and simple village of Wae Rebo.

The lodge comprises of stage house supported with concrete base topped with wooden materials for the walls made it environmentally friendly.
The accommodation totals 7 comprising of double, twin and triple rooms, managed in a very basic, but clean and environment-friendly way.

Some of the rooms are facilitated with indoor western toilet and bucket for shower. Breakfast, lunch and dinner are served with ingredients taken from the lodge’s own garden and local market.

The lodge we’re setting off from sits in the foothills of Poko Roko mountain and was started as a homestay in 2002 by Blasius Monto.

Blasius was born in one of the seven mbaru niang (traditional cone shaped house) in the mountain village of Wae Rebo. He now lives in Denge Sebu village working as the local school teacher and lodge manager with his wife and family.
Visitors generally stay one night at the lodge, then leave for Wae Rebo around 7am before the day heats up too much. Unfortunately for us our itinerary had us starting the trek at 12.30pm midday, it’s steaming hot!

Room Rates : Rp, 350.000/night/single or double including breakfast and taxes

Lunch    : Rp. 65.000/person
Dinner    : Rp. 65.000/person

High and peak season apply from July 01-September 15 and December 01-January 15 with additional surcharge Rp 100.000/night/room

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