Wailiti Beach Hotel – Maumere – Flores Island – Indonesia

Hotel Wailiti is located in the seaside on the suburb of Maumere – Flores Island, Indonesia. The rooms are housed in several cottages and small buildings in a lush green garden with swimming pool.

The beach nearby offers superb sunrisee with the view towards fisherman village and Mt. Egon on the right and the calm bay of Maumere to the left.

Hotel Wailiti is owned by a local business man who cares for the social well being of the locals. The staff are selected from the local community and they are trained to perform their respective tasks at the hotel.

Wailiti Beach Hotel & Restaurant is a hotel & resort on the shores of Wailiti Beach offers calm and cool atmosphere. Hotel with beautiful environment surrounding background brownish black sandy beach and wrapped in natural panorama of exotic marine Flores.

At the Hotel Wailiti can be witnessed sunrise & sunsetnya its underwater natural beauty with stunning baharinya tour. This become one of the main attractions for vacationing in Wailiti Beach Hotel & Restaurant.

Wailiti Beach Hotel & Restaurant hotel designed with the concept of environmentally clean and green (clean & green). With the concept of environmentally sound would not be surprised Wailiti Beach Hotel & Restaurant ever get an award from Sikka Regent as the only hotel which pay attention to cleanliness and kehijauhan surrounding environment.

Location Wailiti Beach Hotel & Restaurant is located on the north coast of Flores, with the distance for about 15 minutes drive from Wai Oti Airport Maumere or 10 minutes from the Port Sadang Bui Maumere. Wailiti Beach Hotel & Restaurant equip themselves with facilities and excellent service.

The hotel is located on the edge of the beach location Wailiti with a comfortable environment and fresh and far from the frenetic vehicle. The hotel also has restaurants serving a variety of food menu variations between European cuisine, Indonesian cuisine is also China as well as a variety of flavors offered drinks like Wine, Wiskey, Liquor, Vodka, Rum, Cocktails and other beverages.

On the beach Wailiti You can also do water sports activities with the use of hotel facilities such as snorkeling and skin diving to see the underwater beauty of the natural panorama. To view the underwater world charm that you only need a distance of about 30-50 meters from the famous beach Wailiti as clean beaches with crystal clear water and calm seas. From that point you can do to watch the diving activities or Soft Coral Coral is beautiful and interesting variety of fish species.

You also can use various tools such as marine tourism provided jetsky, speedboat, snorkeling and banana boat with varying prices and in accordance with the contents of your wallet.

In addition to restaurants and tour packages baharinya, Wailiti Beach Hotel & Restaurant also has other supporting facilities such as swimming pool (swimming pool) surrounded by spacious with lush trees overlooking the beach and the sea of Flores, meeting room (meeting room) and various other facilities located in a hotel environment.

Room Rates:
Superior Bungalow – concrete cottage (1 room) – Single (1 person)

Room Rate : Rp.750.000

Superior Bungalow – concrete cottage (1 room) – Double (2 persons)
Room rate : Rp. 650.000/night

Superior Bungalows/Wooden Bungalows- Single (1 person)
Room rate : Rp. 550.000/night

Superior Bungalows – Double (2 persons)
Room rate : Rp. 550.000/night

Standard Room Single or Double
Room rate : Rp. 450.000/night

All Room rates including breakfast and taxes

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